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Hiring Recruiters is Hard - This Makes it Easier

When it comes to Talent Acquisition, there's one thing that can sneak up on TA and HR leaders - hiring recruiters for your own team. As good as you are at serving the needs of the businesses you support, having a strategy to land the best recruiting talent can be challenging.

I've always used an assessment layer when we hire recruiters at our firm, so this Kinetix Labs paper, The Assessment Profile of a High-Performing Recruiter, outlines everything we've learned about using an assessment to hire the best recruiters and prevent false positive hires. Download this paper and you'll get the following:

  • Eight Assessment dimensions to evaluate recruiters 
  • Ranges you need in each dimension to predict performance
  • Notes on the best way to read an assessment and get to a go/no-go decision

False positives when you hire suck. "False Positives" is the fancy way to say, "Damn, I missed again." While there's no silver bullet, adding an assessment layer can help.

Hit this link to download. Enjoy!


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This is interesting!
Recruitment has changed its dimensions and parameters. It has became more technology driven and even difficult to dig for valuable assets.


This chart is certainly a game-changer. Especially I find assessment criteria is something very unique. Thanks, admin. Keep writing these types of articles.


Being able to recruit people with the right skills is crucial for any professional services organization. It can be challenging to find talented employees and turn them into valued members of your high-performing team.
Have a look to this blog to some great recruitment ideas

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Very interesting and Practical! It really gives new perspective

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Ahh that is great thank you ! Good for special needs too !

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