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Here's Your ATS Market Share Rundown!

If there's one thing I love in the HR Tech Community, it's great recurring research - the type that's not a flash in the pan, but gets released every year so you can track changes. This type of research helps build a vendor/partner brand, and if done right, it's a total gift to folks like you and me. Example of companies that do this type of research include Jobvite and OnGig.

So let's talk about OnGig! Ongig-blue-logo-48-small

In Episode 21 of BEST HIRE EVER, I talked with Rob Kelly of OnGig to do a deep dive into OnGig's recent ATS (applicant tracking system) Market Share report. Focused primary on surveying enterprise-level companies, there's a ton of gold in the findings as Kris and Rob talk about the current state of the ATS market and compare and contrast what's happened in ATS-land since 2018. Spoiler alert - a LOT has changed. 

Take a listen to hear the reactions to how the market has changed from 2018 to 2020, and be sure to go get the report which is linked to in the show notes.

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