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HR FAMOUS - My Conversation with Ed Baldwin, HR Leader at Mikron (RTW from COVID)...

In episode 16 of The HR Famous Podcast, I track down Head of HR for Mikron Ed Baldwin for a continuation discussion about return to work plans. we discuss Mikron’s early decision to start working remotely, what changes they have made in their manufacturing plants, and what tactics allowed them to be on top of the pandemic.

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Show Highlights:

2:00 - KD starts off the episode by asking Ed about his position and what Mikron does and their unique position that helped them to be better prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic. 

5:15 - KD and Ed establish the timeline of the WFH and circumstances that Mikron faced. 

6:00 - Ed outlines the plan and decision Mikron made for remote working, why they made that decision, and how they implemented that plan. 

9:30 - KD asks Ed what he attributes Mikron s early call to have employees work from home to. Ed says that WFH wasn’t as dispurtive as they had thought and frequent leadership team meetings helped their quick and effective response as well as their decision to make remote work a permanent fixture where they could.

11:50 -Ed and KD discuss work/employee density as a driving force in COVID response for a manufacturing company. 

13:00 - Ed explains a few things that Mikron has done to keep their workers still working on site safe, like modifying work schedules, increased hygiene and cleaning services, and open doors where possible among other changes. 

17:30 - KD asks Ed on how his midwestern upbringing in Iowa has prepared him for his work at Micron and his decision making during this pandemic. Don’t forget where you come from! 

19:45 - Check out Ed Baldwin’s profile on LinkedIn and his writing on Fistful of Talent!

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