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It's a weird time for all of us right now. Coronavirus. COVID-19. Being at home 100% of the time.

It's a time for reflection. For meaning. Owl

Earlier this week I couldn't sleep.  I looked at the clock  - 4:30am - and I decided to make a bathroom run. On the way I heard it - an Owl calling/hooting in the woods outside my house.

Owls are beacons of wisdom. An owl hooting in the distance is full of context and full of promise that there's a bigger meaning to all of this.

On my way back to the bedroom, I decided to stop at a window to spend a minute or two listening to the owl. As I waited, I looked out at the woods on the hill that I live on.  

So much going on in the world. But there it was - nature doing what nature does best - being calm, soothing and full of meaning.

I closed my eyes to wait for for the owl. I don't do mindfulness or meditation, but I had it at that moment. Solitude and Perspective.

"GIVE ME THE #*#*#*$$ BALL!!"

Damn. That was 100% not the Owl.

I was directly underneath my high school son's bedroom. He was up gaming and playing NBA2K at 4:30am. 

Meditation interruptus. I backed away from the window.

As I crawled back in bed, I texted him. "GO 2 BED". 

Outside, the owl still had the wisdom.

Inside, it was Day 10 of the great Coronavirus shut-in.  



4:30AM is a great time to do a plank with a cup of black coffee. Love this post man! Doing my best to play the long game w/ the Corona...

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