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Most of my readers at the Capitalist are interesting in building the right type of culture inside their organizations, which is a worthy goal. 

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the RPO recruiting world at Kinetix, it’s that “company culture” is hard to define. Some of it is real, and some of it is aspirational. As we attempt to build the culture we want at our companies, we focus on engagement surveys, features like free meals, etc, WP-Coverbut at times forget about the messages we send in our recruiting process.

Ever feel like your recruiting process and vibe is disconnected from your true culture? Mmm hmm...

That’s why I created this 2020 roadmap for you – Building Culture Through Great Recruiting Practices (click link to download)Download this PDF, and you'll get my thoughts on how to build your recruiting practice with an towards the culture you're trying to build. Deep dives include the following areas:

1--Keys to building a Recruiting Team and Process that reinforce culture

2--The impact of communicating Mission and Values on the recruiting trail

3--How the right Assessment Tool helps you make cultural matches

4--Building an Employment Brand that shows candidates how you’re different

5--Acquiring Talent Acquisition (TA) Tech that signals who you are as an organization

Whether you're proud of your culture or just getting started in the build, let’s dig in and see if you’re reinforcing that culture in all the gritty details of your talent acquisition/recruiting process. 

Use this roadmap if you want to evaluate how you're currently recruiting or need some leverage to talk to others about it. Have fun and ping me if you see something I missed or just want to toss some ideas around.

Bonus: You get to see some of the great faces we're lucky to have on the team at Kinetix (Smiles everyone! Smiles!!!)


DOWNLOAD THE PDF BY CLICKING HERE (short registration required)




Great article on ways to improve work culture!

Just wanted to see if you would you consider putting together an article on the growth of executive coaching among mid-level management to address several ongoing business trends? These include:

Addressing Change - Today’s managers need to be able to interpret sometimes ambiguous market signals, recognize threats from non-traditional competitors, adopt a future-back versus present-forward view of customers and markets.
Reducing Turnover – One study found that just 15% of employees are engaged in their jobs. Another found that among millennials planning to stay with their current position more than five years, 68% had a mentor.
Improving Manager Quality – The vast majority of people leave their companies due to bad managers, but a Gallup survey found companies fail to find the right manager talent to fill a position 82% of the time.

I’d like to arrange a brief conversation with co-founder of Pluma . Would you please let me know if you’d take a few minutes for this in the near future?


HR Software

Thanks for discussing such a nice recruiting practices

Monica Daff

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