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Let's talk about small failures at work. The kind that stack up and make you feel like you had a crappy week.

Some of you think everyone is watching you when you fail small.  The dirty little secret is no one is watching you unless you beat them (good for you, but watch out) or lose to them (at which point they'll tell others or discretely imply that they crushed you). Of course, life at work doesn't have as many true "L's" as we think.

People are hopelessly self-absorbed.  No one is watching you for the most part, or has time to stop thinking about themselves to evaluate - wait for it - you.  Bask in the fact that your small failures are not really seen or evaluated by those not directly impacted.
Then get ***ing better.  Because you might have a problem if you never get a "W".
Signed - Your agent KD



Loved this! "No one cares about your 'L's, but you might have a problem if you don't have a 'W'"

Patrick Lynch

Great post - tough love but a much-needed dose of reality.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Geico commercials:

Roll Up Doors

People are hopelessly self-absorbed.

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