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You hate Glassdoor. Check.

You can't get your good employees to rate you on Glassdoor. Understood.

Are you done? Can I move on?  Ok, finish your tweet - I'll wait.

Look, I know Glassdoor is a sticky issue. But it's a reality in our world.  You might as well seek to understand it.

That's why this interview with Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO of Glassdoor, is a great listen.  Hohman appeared on Recode/Decode, a podcast hosted by Kara Swisher, one of the strongest female figures in Silicon Valley and the business world.

One to the things you'll learn in the podcast is that Hohman was part of the early team at Expedia, and the goal of that team was to bring more transparency to the travel industry.  After the team gradually left that company after being purchased by Hotwire, Hohman and people on that team looked for other industries that needed more transparency. 

Guess what came up on that list? Careers and a look inside companies - and Glassdoor was born.

Other team members found similar opportunities elsewhere - a Expedia teammate of Hohman's disrupted real estate and founded Zillow.

Regardless of how you feel about Glassdoor, throw this podcast on on the drive home. Hohman is engaging, educational about the thought process behind Glassdoor and insightful about the research the company has on our workplaces.  (email subscribers click through if you don't see the player below)


Rabadniertokentorer Marashiona

I think businesses view Glassdoor as something unfair – where mindlessly disgruntled employees go to hand out 1/5s despite being incompetent morons. The reality is much more complex. Glassdoor highlights deep failings of, not just a business, but business as a whole. As an employee, it also makes it easier for me to spot a dodgy employer from a mile off.

It’s a simple solution for businesses, though. Provide a decent working environment with a livable wage. When you’ve got so many CEO’s handing themselves $10 million p/a and the people making them rich are on minimum wage, you realise how pathetic capitalism well and truly is. But, you know, roll out the old “well if you’re poor, you should work harder” routine if you have no concept of reality. We live in an unjust world.

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