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The Old/New Rules of LinkedIn Invites...

If you're like me, you realize someone changed the informal rules on LinkedIn.  Here's a primer on what the old rules were and the new rules ARE:


--You only connected with people you knew or were interested in their background.

--You knew if you connected with them and tried to sell them something immediately, you ran the risk of complaints and might lose access to new invites, etc.

--You had some class. You understood that relationships take time, and an invite to someone you didn't know was a hat tip that you respect and value their background, and hoped to develop a professional relationship down the road.

NEW RULES: Linkedin

--You get 2 to 3X the invites. The increase is generally business development folks or people who own their own "company" or consulting business.

--For every 2 invites you accept from people you don't know, you get one (1) direct solicitation asking you to book some time for a consult/needs exploration/other BS term for an initial sales call.

--The direct solicitation generally happens within 12 hours of you accepting the connect.  It's generally as subtle as a hard butt slap.

--There's a LOT of entrepreneurs in India.  Shout out to the global business community.

--You used to accept invites just to be kind, now you look at profiles and click "ignore" more than you ever have.


--Hell, I used to get shut down for people saying they didn't know me and had to beg LinkedIn to allow me to connect again.  And I was selling NOTHING.

Those days seem like the good old days now.  Do we really believe that LinkedIn is the same place?  Could LinkedIn not use AI and MFL (machine freaking learning) to stop access from anyone who sends 50 invites, got 20 accepts and sent a sales message shortly thereafter?

Maybe still allow the connects but discourage the harassment?  That's right I said it - harassment.  Someone is making me uncomfortable! 

If you're wondering what the product is or how someone makes money - look in the mirror.  It's you.



Bill Kutik

You been reading my mind again, Kris. Obviously I have something I want from you since this is the second blog I've commented on.

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