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Gary V. on Negative Glassdoor Reviews at VaynerMedia...

"Jonestown on Vitamin Water"

-anonymous Glassdoor reviewer on life at Vaynermedia...


Admit it.  You read that quote from a reviewer on Glassdoor and thought, "yep, that could be one of our disgruntled ex-employees on Glassdoor, but they aren't that witty."  

Glassdoor is an interesting beast.  It used to be that it was all disgruntled people you fired reviewing you on Glassdoor, but that's no longer the case.  The review economy via Trip Advisor, Yelp and 1,000 other review sites has normalized who reviews you and other industries in the smartphone era.

I found the video below from VaynerMedia CEO Gary V - a noted thought leader in the digital and entrepreneurial space - which finds him digging deep on his company's Glassdoor reviews.  His company is a hard charging company and he's a hard charging leader.

Find the VaynerMedia home page on Glassdoor by clicking here - overall rating of 3.0 and 46% of reviewers approve of CEO.  That means Gary V is polarizing (duh if you know him) and the culture he's built is polarizing as well.

Video below, email subscribers click through if you can't see the player.  Worth your time as you'll find a 5-minute video talking about the mindset of the Glassdoor reviewer, his refusal to ask existing employees for positive reviews and his hope that those who left scathing reviews got the poison out of their system and are ready to move forward.

Gold - take a look, you won't regret.







Paul Hebert


Every excuse in the book.

Not one thing he sees as a negative about him...

I'm too good - too smart - too fast - grew the company too fast (cuz I'm good)
THEY are cynical
I like bad reviews
They were wrong - they were fired
I play chess... they play checkers

I use them as feedback loops - (and I'll ignore them.)

I know what is really going on - I don't need glassdoor.

Good management Gary - I'm guessing you'll be getting more of these moving forward.


Hey Paul -

yeah, I thought it was interesting. Somewhere, there is a middle ground that acknowledges that every culture isn't right for everyone, but that companies and founders aren't perfect and should be open to making things as positive and productive as possible....



I enjoy Gary. I know next to nothing about his company but have seen a couple of YouTube videos. Clearly he has an ego but I enjoy it. One of my favorite Gary quotes goes somewhere along the lines of "You tell me you work smarter not harder. Well, I work smarter AND harder. Now what a$$#@hole?"

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