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Price increases and changes from Indeed have been reported elsewhere - for good reporting on Indeed changes, check out this article and others from Joel Cheesman.

Thought I would weigh in with what I know from my own life in Talent Acquistion and the team that I work with.  Here's what we know and what it feels like: Indeed-

What We Know:

--It used to be that if you spend on Pay Per Click (PPC) with Indeed up to a certain threshold, you got Featured Employer status.  That status came with one important featured - unlimited use of the Indeed Resume Database, which by all accounts, is pretty damn good.

--Most of what Indeed has focused on in the past is PPC via the featured jobs model.

--Conventional wisdom says that the advent of Google for Jobs will and has hurt Indeed's PPC model.

--Indeed reps are currently forwarding proposals to clients with changes in the Indeed Featured Employer/Resume Database model.  Basically it goes like this - in addition to whatever PPC spend you want to make on featured jobs, you're going to have to buy "seats" to access the Resume database.

--Indeed reps are pushing for commits by the end of the year, but when pushed are saying nothing will change related to Featured Employer providing access to the Resume Database until Q2 of 2018.

--Quick math for one recruiting firm suggests to get what the team has grown accustomed to related to access to the Indeed Resume Database, the spend would equal the company's current budget for PPC via Indeed Featured Jobs.

What All That Tells Me:

--Indeed sees the damage/downside to the current PPC model and is wisely monetizing another product stream they previously haven't charged for - The resume database.

--The quick math calculated by the recruiting firm referenced above suggest that Indeed is being pretty aggressive with Resume Database pricing, attempting to fully replace the revenue that might ultimately be lost if the PPC model fails from firms who use the resume database often as part of their core business.

--If your recruiting team doesn't hunt (meaning they just take what comes in off the PPC model and don't use the database much), Indeed still has a problem related to replacing the revenue that might be lost from you if the PPC model ultimately fails and you take your budget dollars elsewhere.

Keep your eye on the efficiency of your Indeed PPC spend as it related to impressions, clicks and applies.  We're seeing some clients way down, but others are holding tight.

If you use Indeed's resume database, our math says that Indeed wants to replace potential lost revenue in PPC with Resume Database seats.  If you don't use the database?  Well, Indeed is still working on how to replace your spend if the PPC model fails and you leave.



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