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Topic: Transgender individual's rights to use either bathroom (men's or women's) they desire.

Buckle up, people. But it's probably not going to be what you think. TG

I spend a lot of time on the road, and I spend that time in a lot of different parts of the country.  One thing that's happening in retail (shops, restaurants, etc) points to a trend I hope doesn't come to office parks.

Here's the trend... Businesses - faced with legal pressure or simply wanting to accommodate Transgender individuals - are increasing changing single stall bathrooms (one for men, one for women) to gender neutral status.  That "reclassification" means that either men or women can use either bathroom that is available.  That solves the transgender issue without the economic burden of retrofitting a third bathroom to exist alongside men's and women's facilities.

I understand that I'm probably going to get emails from what I've wrote already, because I'm not an expert in Transgender issues.  Send your emails, however, because I do want to learn more and understand to a greater degree.

But I am an expert in some things.  Allow me to school you on why reclassifying a men's and women's bathroom to gender neutral-status doesn't work:

Men are pigs.  Females deserve better.  

If 10 dudes use a bathroom during the day, odds are it is not going to be suitable for a woman, or anyone who wants to sit down.  This just in - Men often go to the bathroom standing up.  Hit this link if you want to see the legal world in action on this issue.  

When businesses make existing single-stall bathrooms gender neutral, females (anyone identifying as female) lose.  And this trend is alive and well in some areas of the country.  It's a natural, completely understandable reaction to the capital cost of building new facilities.  

I can only hope this trend can be avoided as transgender issues become more accepted and we work through the same challenges in the workplace.

Rights for everyone - Ok and check.  Let's evolve together.

Rights for dudes to use bathrooms on a frequent basis that females will have to use afterwords - we're better than that America.  

No.  Just no.




or you simply have a urinal and a toilet in gender neutral bathrooms....and you have custodial staff maybe clean the bathroom several times a day.


I've always thought there was a certain amount of effect in dude's bathrooms.


I have worked as a custodian, and let me say this...women can be just as bad or worse than men in bathroom cleanliness. I get the point of the article, but let's not put it all on men.


I have to agree with Andy. I worked in a bar all through my college days and the cleaning job paid the best so I bartended at night and janitored during the day. The girls bathroom was a disaster on a regular basis. Guys go in and take care of business. Girls go in and do 4 things.



Trans Non-Binary exist. Having binary stalls screws them.

Also, standing in a line for the ladies' room while watching the men's room just sit there unused is bull.

I've had plenty of experience in men's rooms for 33 years, and 2 in women's. Yeah, women's are way cleaner. And women wash their hands. Men are gross. But it's well worth the price of having to use a slightly dirtier bathroom every once in a while, if it means Trans Non-Binary get acknowledgement of their existence.

Plus, we could always, y'know... make sure men know we expect better of them, instead of letting them be stereotypes.

Laura Kaspar

I have to say... as a woman... frequently our public bathrooms are awful! I'm not sure the shared bathroom is likely to make them any worse.

Bruce Roberts

Although the gender neutral issue is important. But equally as important is knowing it the restroom is occupied in the first place. Ever walk up to the door and find it's locked? Yes, its frustrating because now you have to stand outside the restroom door and wait . . . . . forever it seems. The Heads Up Lock Co. as found a solution to the embarrassment that situation brings. (See:

Bruce Medina

This is true about "Lack of privacy, poor ventilation, bad acoustics, lack of convenient features (hooks, shelves, full length mirrors), and myriad inconveniences, like the need to protect your newly cleansed hands from the germ infested door handle." i think this is the most people concern about public bathrooms.

Fred Arthur Tenzer

Anyone may read my article on bathrooms and give feedback on it, here is the link to my article on bathrooms;

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