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As I've grown in my career, I've noticed that the best talent - not good talent, not good to great talent, but the best - has one thing in common.

The most talented people consistently "frame" their goals, work and outcomes via varied communication strategies. Speakers

What is Framing?  As I've watched the best among you grow, effective "framing" includes the following philosophy and actions:

--Use of a variety of communication techniques to ensure all know what the individual is working on - including face to face, email, reporting and more.

--Communicating what your goals are for a specific period.

--Communicating your challenges and progress.

--Communicating your wins and finished work product.

--Communicating your opinions and takes on what's going on around you in your area of subject matter expertise.

Effective framers among top performers are always proactive in these communications - vs reactive.  They also have a style that makes communications from them seem like a mix of status updates, op/ed and entertainment.  So no one is ever sorry to see the communication coming from them.

The naysayers to "framing" say that you're over-communicating.  If you suck at communication, context and perspective, that might be true.

The best performers, however, don't suck at framing as a form of communication.

That's one of the reasons they are the best.  They'll never be victimized by people claiming not to be in the know as a result.


Ron Ulrici

I just advised one of our managers to manage his image, since others were already doing it and not necessarily in a positive way. Successful employees not only have the steak, but they have the sizzle too.

Shivani Shrivastav

Really a Good topic to be discussion!!!

Effective communication is driven by the purpose of the campaign: what must change and who needs to be reached so as to bring about change? Within the overall campaign strategy, the communication strategy defines how to capture the attention of the target audiences and convey a compelling campaign message.


The bit about being proactive vs reactive is the key to all of this. Framing requires planning and a huge part of framing is setting the scene/context that you desire - the same event can be framed as good or bad, depending upon how it is presented e.g. a setback or an opportunity.


Thank you for the useful information which you shared throughout your blog. I appreciate the way you shared the relevant, precious, and perfect information.

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