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Stuff the Capitalist (aka KD) Likes: Scrubs and Workplace References in TV/Movies

Who am I?  Who cares?  Good questions.  It's my site, so I'm going dig in once in a awhile by telling you more about who I am - via a "Stuff I Like" series.  Nothing too serious, just exploring the micro-niche that resides at the base of all of our lives.  Potshots encouraged in the comments.


If there's one thing I love, it's work references in TV shows..

And a decade or so ago, NO ONE did that better than NBC's Scrubs.  

--Turk and JD..

--Dr. Cox and the rest of the crew...

Was reminded of the brilliance embedded in the workplace references in Scrubs when we were doing BOSS Leadership Training for an ATL-based client this week.  

One of the videos we used to kick off a section of the training was the 100% money video below of JD looking forward to his performance review, Dr. Cox telling him he doesn't have enough time to do it and asking him to write his own review.

Sound familiar?  Check out the video below, and please don't block my view of my afternoon shows as you're completing your own performance review for me to turn in...

(email subscribers click through for video)


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