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Part of engagement and building the modern organization is ensuring that the rank and file in your company approve of your leadership.  This is why Glassdoor has the CEO approval rating, etc.

Leadership approval ratings are driven by a host of things.  I'm here today to add one small thing to that body of knowledge:

Sometimes the rank and file at your company is going to insist on doing juvenile, immature things for fun that don't hurt anyone.  They're going to suggest you be involved, and when they do you have two choices - retreat to your executive offices and decline, or let yourself be part of the circus and let them celebrate you as one of them.

Examples from your life - dunking stations, pie in the face contests, baby pictures from your mom, etc.

Examples from an NBA coach's life - allowing yourself to be part of pre-game high five rituals that go on for waaaaay too long.

You win when you make sure that no one in your organization considers you too lofty to have fun, or at least to be involved in their fun.

Case in point - the NBA finals, where Steve Kerr has accepted that he'll be a part of circus and carries himself accordingly.  If you don't see the Instagram post below, enable images or click through to go to the site - then read the caption from my post on Friday and play the video.

You won't be sorry.

Be part of the circus - even when you're under pressure.



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