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Google For Jobs Launches: Are You Going to Nap On This For the Next Year?

It's go time for Google for Jobs.  

Earlier this year at Google I/O, the search giant announced a new initiative named Google for Jobs. The goal is simple: leverage Google’s skills at organizing information to make finding jobs easier. Today, one of the first steps in this project goes live, with the launch of an improved job search feature rolling out on mobile and desktop.

The feature is pretty simple. For searches with “clear intent” (e.g., “head of catering jobs in NYC” or “entry-level jobs in DC”), Google shows a preview of job listings scraped from various sources. These include job sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor, but also information hosted on company’s own websites — if they’ve updated their sitemap, that is. Users can then click on results to get more information, and filter listings by criteria like location, employer, and the date of the listing.
They don't scrape/include Indeed, btw.
There's 2 things that you can do right now to experiment with that 10%.  You can buy social ads targeting the type of candidate you want on social platforms with great targeting (Facebook) and you can get ahead of the curve on Google Jobs.
Much like Indeed back in the day, there's no way for you just to write a check and say that your jobs are being maximized on Google Jobs right now.  Instead, you'll need to look at standards and understand some technical details.  Click here for a developer guide to improve search results for jobs in the Google engine.
Some of you were years late to the Indeed party.  That party isn't over yet, but let's just say it's winding down.
Search changes.  Indeed changed the job posting over a decade ago by understanding SEO, scraping every job in the world and forcing you to pay for preferred placement in their ecosystem. Now the ecosystem they built that practice on is in the jobs game, and while Google has included job postings from sources like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor, they haven't included Indeed.  Logic suggests the others might find themselves on the outside looking in as time goes by.
The cheese moved.  The best way for you to spend resources on Google Jobs is to maximize your own jobs and not be reliant on a partner.



Amazing information for job seeker does it apply to Kenyans?

Chuck Marcelin

When I watched Google I/O I knew that this is an opportunity for recruiters everywhere. I agree, start studying up, or else you may be too late!


unless you can upload your resume one time and then use it to apply everywhere else. this is a useless tool. Nothing more frustrating than having to manually re-enter your resume at every single job site when you are a job seeker.

Gary Dumais

Thanks for the informative article, and double thanks for mentioning how Google's offering compares with Indeed (because that's what I was thinking while reading the article). In other words, Google for Jobs does sound like the "meta" of job websites, like Kayak is a meta of travel websites. ...Still, given Google's track-record of innovation, I'm also eager to see how it differs from Indeed.

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