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My Intro For A Friend - Tim Sackett - at Halogen TalentSpace Live....

If you read this blog, chances are you're reading The Tim Sackett Project.  If not, you should.  Great writer, good guy, down to earth, etc.  I'm speaking with Tim at Halogen TalentSpace Live this week and thought you might get a kick out of the speaker's introduction I wrote for him.  Part serious, part tongue-in-cheek.  Enjoy and check him out by clicking here...

Puppies. Hugs. Recruiting. These are the things that make Tim Sackett tick. Sakcett

Tim Sackett is one of the hardest working HR pros in our business.  He grew up in the hard HR shops of Applebee’s and Shopko, mixing HR practice with common sense as he sought to influence Gen X managers more likely to tell their employee to shut up than think about engagement.  He parlayed that experience into a great career in recruiting, first in big healthcare before landing as the president of HRU Technical, a leading provider of contract engineering and technical talent.

A marketer as well as an HR guy, he named his blog The Tim Sackett Project – how the hell did we not see that coming?  Tim also writes for Fistful of Talent, where his first two posts submitted included 1) an opus on something crapy like lowering turnover and 2) a throwaway piece on “where surplus corporate logo clothing goes to die”.  Kris told him the logo piece is what 95% of the audience wants and to never write about the first topic listed again - the rest is history as Tim’s become a sought-after writer and speaker.

In his spare time, Tim organizes pictures of his dog “Scout” and wonders why so many people bend at the hips when hugging to avoid body contact.  If you hug him, just know he’s judging you.  You’re probably judging him as well.

We're up at Halogen in a Tuesday debate -  5 talent topics in classic point/counterpoint style, then on Wednesday we'll do a presentation I originally called "First, Kill All the Managers", which the smart folks at Halogen wisely asked me to water down a bit.

See my epic takedown of Tim that went along with the picture you see in this post by clicking here.


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