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Gone Dark (ɡɒn dɑːrk)

You know this one:

1. A phrase to describe a person who previously was communicating with you, but now returns no message that you have sent for a period of days or weeks without explanation for the change. Dark

2. How you know something you thought was previously possessing high probability to close is now a train wreck.

3. Behavior that suggests the person in question (who has "gone dark") was less than factual with you in the runup to the time where they went dark.  They represented themselves, their thoughts and their reality as different from what was the reality, so the easiest thing for them to do is simply go off the grid related to communicating to you.

I hate it when people go dark.  Man up and just tell me things have changed.  It's not an episode of Homeland, people.  It's the recruiting business and whether you want this job or not.

You're not Jack Bauer or Carrie Mathison. You're just an candidate with a much lower jones for change than you led me to believe for a month.  Pick up the phone.

It's OK.  You don't have to start thinking about safe houses in the suburbs.  In fact, I'll probably see you Waffle House in the next year.  


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