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Fitbit - made some of you click through for that alone.

There's a problem with Fitbit - it's called adoption. Do the people who need it most actually use it once you run a wellness initiative and subsidize some of the cost to put it on their wrist?  Most HR leaders are starting to think the answer is no.  Here's what one FitbitFortune 500 leader told me in 2015:

"Well, Kris - I'll tell you the deal we learned about Fitbit.  We've got over 10K employees.  We've got 1K of those who are actively trying to use a Fitbit.  Here's the problem - about 965 of those were people who were already into fitness - they're already working to stay in shape, etc.  So I got 35 people to change their lifestyle?  That's great, but there's no impact to the bottom line of my healthcare cost."

That means the more you try and force use of the FitBit to the 90% of your employee base least likely to exercise, the more disappointed you're likely to be.

That's why I'm here today with a Fitbit life-hack - one that doesn't include exercise. From a recent Sports Illustrated article on Sam Hinkie, the former GM of the NBA 76ers now in sabbatical after resigning:

So Hinkie thinks big picture while ­setting small, realistic goals, and he’s embraced an arsenal of life hacks. Every hour between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., his Fitbit watch vibrates. Not to remind him to exercise; as Hinkie says, “I do not feel compelled to impress it.” Rather, it’s a cue to consider the previous hour. Was he productive? Did he achieve his goals? He then spends the following 60 seconds considering the hour to come. Once properly centered, Hinkie proceeds with his day.

Probably not what he had in mind when he bought a FitBit. But I like the call to set an alarm to consider the last hour of your life. There's nothing better to spark a productive hour of work or life than realizing you sucked for the last 60 minutes.

Of course, you can set your alarm with your phone.  Alas, another hit to user adoption on the FitBit.



Mine keeps telling me the # of days since I last "synced" it with my computer... It makes me feel shame. Hope you're doing well, Kris!

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