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Jim Harbaugh Upgrades His Professional White Guy Slacks in 2016

I'm the Marlon Perkins of how white guys dress. Look it up Millennials.

In August 2016, I followed up my classic take on the use of the Blue Blazer by white guys everywhere with a tome on the professional slacks choices of the male caucasian in the field. Here's a taste of that when it came to "fit":

--Fit - You've got loose fit (also known as classic), modern fit and skinny fit.  Generally speaking, the older the white dude the looser the slacks.  If you're Brontosaurus Rex and you're trying to adapt after the slacks asteroid hit the earth, do yourself a favor and go to modern fit.  Your wife, your family and your nation are going to snicker if you try to go to skinny.  And for you skinny fit guys - I see you - and yes, you are living the metrosexual dream. And there's nothing wrong with that. 

--A little bit more about Pleats - I know, white guy dad. You went no pleats and it's a great thing.  But you're still kicking about in the Jos A Bank loose fit dress slacks.  No pleats and loose dress slacks?  I'd rather you be you - and just kick it with the pleats and cuffs.  Somebody's got to be in charge around here.

I'm here today to point out a high profile example from pleats to no-pleats/modern fit in the American workplace.  

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has transitioned from pants he was buying at Wal-Mart to something much more modern.  

Translation - his wife and sponsor (Nike) staged an intervention.  Let's look at the before and after... (email subs enable images or click through to see the before and after)


Harbaugh before

AFTER (from 2016 Ohio State Game)

Harbaugh After

Double pleats to Khaki's that look like jeans. 

That's a full upgrade, and it probably took an intervention similar to what happens with crystal meth users.  White guys don't give up pleats easily, my non-white guy friends.






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