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Damn, I'm just going to say it. You're the HR/Recruiting leader, and from time to time you need to remind everyone around you that you're the expert. Not them - YOU.

It's OK for people to have takes on the best way to do HR or recruiting.  But do they know as much as you?  NO. And you ought to find subtle reminders to make sure they get that reality.

That's why I'm here today to give you a quote you can put in your email signature. It's a remake of a classic standard:

"HR is like church. Many attend but few understand."

OR - 

"Recruiting is like church. Many attend but few understand."

The great thing about these quotes? They don't necessarily offend anyone. Most people who read it will consume it and think you're talking about someone else - not them.

They get it - wink/wink - but the others don't.

Whatever. As long as the quote reinforces that you're the expert and helps them believe and acknowledge that, they can come along for the ride. 

Many attend but few understand. Truer words have never been spoken.


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