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Should the Work Tools We Use (Like LinkedIn) Be Clean of Politics?

There I was. Just working a little bit on a Saturday over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Family is in bed. I'm up, no harm, no foul.

I click over to LinkedIn for some research. LinkedIn's a work tool, after all, right?  And there she was..

Oh - good morning Mrs. Clinton. What's that? Donald Trump should come down out of his tower and speak to the American people?

Wait - aren't you supposed to be mixing up stuff like this over on Facebook?  Why LinkedIn?  And didn't you concede and we hadn't heard much more?

Notification to my smart phone hits at that exact time - Clinton team agrees to participate in Wisconsin recount.

Ahhhhhhhh. OK

Here's your screen grab. (email subscribers enable images or click through for photo)

Hillary LinkedIn

Most of us got all the divisiveness we needed from the election from our Facebook feeds.  While I know LinkedIn considers itself a news aggregator (if not provider, which is entertaining and scary all at the same time) and that Donald Trump has similar accounts - is it too much to ask that we keep direct fire stoking from any candidate off the LinkedIn Feed?  If people want to share news, fine - but the whole direct rev up the base post election?  Ugh.  

What's next? Candidate accounts on Slack? Maybe there's a play to enable a news/contributor feed within Outlook?

I'd feel the same way if it was Trump or any other candidate.  I've grown to accept it during the election cycle.  

The equivalent of crack cocaine for LinkedIn isn't the post itself - it's the 15,000 comments, which I'm sure include enough two-way bashing to last anyone a lifetime.

LinkedIn, you're better than this.  Cut the candidates - all of them - off post election.  Nobody needs it on a work tool.  It makes me want to use you less, or figure out a way to disable the "influencer" feed.

Wishful thinking, I'm sure.  



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