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I'll admit it. I was like most of America when Lebron James left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat.  He left his hometown to create a super team. He posed and performed in the transition with a lack of humility. He was easy to hate.

The cynic in me remained reserved when he left Miami to return to his home town two years ago.  More attention/"look at me" moments perhaps?

But then Lebron just kind of shut up and dug in.  He lost in the Finals to the Golden State Warriors in 2015. He didn't really complain. There were some flash moments along the way that made me want to The block
hate him during his second stint with the Caviliers for sure - namely claiming he had nothing to do with David Blatt being fired as the Cavs coach mid-season in 2016 and acting like the General Manager of the team related to deals/re-signings, etc.

Turns out Lebron James is the best General Manager in the world.

His call for a coaching change didn't end badly - The Cavs dispatched the historically gifted Golden State team to win the title in 2016.  Lebron was historically good in that series and is probably the best player of all time.

Time for me to shut up.

But wait, there's more.  If you needed any more proof that Lebron's the best in the NBA, all you have to do is read up on the latest leadership happenings. Lebron James is telling teammate Tristian Thompson to keep media freak Khloe Kardashian away from the team.

Damn - I know love you, Lebron. More from The Washington Post:

"Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson may or may nor be engaged to Khloe Kardashian, but there’s no doubt that the two are heavily involved. That might not be sitting well with one of Thompson’s teammates, one LeBron James, who could be opposed to the reality-TV superstar bringing unnecessary drama to the team.

The gossip website Hollywood Life went so far Friday as to report that James and Thompson had an argument over Kardashian before Cleveland’s season-opening game at home Tuesday. The website cited an anonymous source, described as an “insider,” who said, “Tristan isn’t taking any crap from his teammates anymore. As far as he’s concerned, Khloe’s coming to every damn game she chooses.”

The 31-year-old team captain probably wants to make sure that Tristan avoids the alleged “Kardashian Kurse” when it comes to basketball players. After Lamar Odom, 36, married Khloe in 2009 he had a couple of decent seasons with the Lakers before being traded to Dallas then the LA Clippers as his career flamed out. Khloe then went on to date a red-hot James Harden, 26, whose Houston Rockets then had a nosedive of a season, finishing eighth in their conference in 2016 as opposed to second place before he started seeing her."

Another amazing thing about Lebron is for all the scrutiny, his personal life remains amazingly clean. He's rarely, if ever, been involved in a hint of scandal or questionable judgment away from the court - "the announcement" he was leaving Cleveland nonwithstanding.

I love Lebron for telling someone not to distract the team with a passed around star from a reality show. It's also funny if the reports are true and Tristian is saying he's not taking crap from Lebron. Lebron's the one who pressured the Cavs into giving Thompson a max contract. Obviously he could now find himself playing for Sacramento in January.  It's Lebron's team and Lebron's call.

And Lebron James is best leader in the NBA.  Good luck to you Tristian Thompson.  


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