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Is Your LinkedIn Game Weak? Here's My Gift To You To Help Fix It...

Some of you have beefing up your LinkedIn profile on your to do list.  This one's for you.

At Kinetix we're givers, and we'd like to hit you with some simple steps you can take to give your LinkedIn Linkedin benchwarmer
profile a facelift. By doing this, you can start taking care of your career by connecting and promoting who you are before you really need a strong professional network. 

Like athletes, not all LinkedIn profiles are created equal and some users end up on the sidelines while other professionals reap real the full benefits of the site. 

Download "Are you a LinkedIn Benchwarmer? 12 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today" and I'll hit you with the following from my marketing team at Kinetix:

1. A breakdown of the three most common types of LinkedIn profiles including "The Franchise" and "The Scrub" as a baseline for you to determine where your profile falls in the LI game.

2. Our 12-Step Playbook for updating and enhancing your LinkedIn profile, packed with screenshots, insider tips from Kinetix recruiters and navigation cues for you to update your profile on the fly. We'll give you all you need to dramatically improve your LinkedIn profile with 20 minutes of work.

3. A checklist we're calling the LinkedIn Leaderboard for you to use when updating your LinkedIn profile, complete with coach's notes and a scorecard to track your progress. Got a team that needs work on LinkedIn? Use this whitepaper and checklist to make it simple related to what they need to do. It's a perfect companion tool for your next meeting focused on individual development.

Download "Are you a LinkedIn Benchwarmer?" and take your LinkedIn profile from benchwarmer to MVP today. 

No registration required.  You click the link and get the paper.  I'll never know you downloaded it unless you look me up and tell me it's awesome.

KD out.


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