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The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #71 is Jeffrey Lebowski: "Yeah, Well That's Just Like Your Opinion, Man"...

New series at the Capitalist: The Top 100 Movie Quotes of all time for HR Pros.  In no special order, I break down the 100 movie quotes that resonate most for me as a career HR pro.  Some will be funny, some will be serious... Some will tug at your heart like when the Fox voice-over guy said, "Tonight - a very special episode of 90210"... You get the vibe... I'll do it countdown-style like they're ranked, but let's face it - they're ALL special..

Data and analytics - they're everywhere, right? 

What I love is when some dufus comes directly at you as an HR Pro, explaining to you that he has a unique understanding of the talent game - with the implication that you are nothing more than a transactional, payroll coordinator.

If you're a transactional HR person, you might have to take that.  If you're more than a transactional HR pro, you CAN'T take that. You've got to go back at that guy.

Option #1 is obviously to break some human capital knowledge right over his freaking head.  

Options #2 is today's quote:

Quote #71 is from The Big Lebowski: "Yeah, Well That's Just Like Your Opinion, Man"...

When you don't have anything to say, the right move is always to challenge the validity of the argument.  In today's world, that means pointing out that there's nothing analytical about what the person in front of you said.  It's just their opinion, man.

Use this quote when you don't have anything to say. You'll get bonus points from the part of the crowd that has sampled The Big Lebowski.

And yes, that rug really did tie the room together.

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And for the graduate students, below is the full Jesus clip from the movie - caution, NSFW...


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