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On Walmart's Commitment To Creating 1 Million Jobs by 2023

If you watched a lot of the Olympics (and didn’t fast-forward through the commercials), you probably saw an ad for Walmart that blasted Aerosmith’s “Dream On” over video of American factory workers. It was part of the retail giant’s 10-year commitment to buy $250 billion in American-made goods. Walmart made the pledge in 2013, and while the company won’t reveal an exact figure, says it is on track to meet its goal.

The commercials feature a variety of people working in manufacturing jobs to support their families - including one who looks like Eminem's brother.  

The implied point? Walmart is creating jobs in America, SO MAYBE ALL OF YOU HATERS SHOULD STEP THE #### BACK AND SHOW SOME RESPECT - or maybe just be a bit more neutral to Walmart.

Me? I like the fact that Walmart is playing offense, and let's face it - it's long overdue.  Walmart has the power to be an incredible force in American manufacturing.  I'm old enough to remember when tons of Walmart products used to come with "Made in the USA" stickers or tags.  It used to be a badge of honor for Walmart.

Then everything got off-shored and those stickers went away.  I'm hoping that Walmart will be brave enough to use those stickers again for the products in their store that are a part of this initiative.  Walmart claims that the $250B commitment will create 1M American jobs.

Your job? If the sticker comes back, buy the hell out of those products, even if they cost a bit more than what you can do with Amazon Prime, Target or any other retailer.  You can't complain about harm that Walmart has inflicted and then refuse to show your support when they do something pro-America.  Not supporting WM in initiatives like this just tells them the market doesn't care - so why try?

Congrats to Walmart for going on the offensive.  Pictures from the commercials below (email subscribers click through for images) 




Joshua Westbrook

It's a nice gesture, but I don't think the market really cares, so why try?

I am one of those who kind of buys in to the Trump, trade agreements, semi - protectionism stuff, but the reality is our country has fell behind and we need to get our act together. Symbols and promises are nice, but we really do need to be able to compete globally, and I think it's time to let the manufacturing ship sail. Those days are gone.

There is hope with manufacturing if we focus on highly skilled manufacturing, services and technology. But we're lagging when it comes to those important factors.

I admit, that I'm biased because I work for a competitor, but Walmart should focus on getting it's business right, competing in the right markets/segments (e-commerce), and delighting it's customer, or else they'll just be another big, slow, traditional American company that couldn't keep up. Maybe they should take some advice from Ford.

I guess it's possible that this could work, but history, our politicians and regulators, and our education system suggest that it won't.

parker davis

Right on I say! Unfortunately the world is full of Walmart haters. Those are the people who don't want to hear that Walmart has provided the goods and services and jobs that has improved the lives of millions.
No large company has a better track record of promoting from within, of providing excellent upward mobility for minorities and females. Of paying decent wages, offering insurance, training, education.
Providing products at good prices, supporting the community, etc etc.
Contrary to what a previous poster suggested, e-commerce is not a reality to large percentage of of America. And it really doesn't work that well when you need a loaf of bread, bag of screws, a fresh tomato, or new set of sheets.
Someone has to support and encourage American industry. Glad it is someone with the know how and resources.


I'm firmly in the "Walmart hater" group, but if they follow-through and make a concerted effort to carry products made domestically I will happily change my tune. I've worked in HR for an American manufacturer and it was so frustrating to hear customer complaints about how products weren't as "cheap" as XX brand, even though the domestic product was of decidedly better quality, not to mention the sale supported an American family. Kudos to Walmart and thank you for sharing this info! I don't watch TV so missed all the commercials.

Matt Landrum

I admire Wal Mart, though I'm more of a Target man myself. The market does not care. Who thinks the market cares? People who go out of business, that's who thinks the market cares. The market wants the best goods at a given price/quality/service point (within accepted rules that do not violate basic human rights, that's where governments can play a small role).

It's great to cheer for America, but don't let it cloud your business judgment.

Free Minds, Free Markets. Rock on, humans.




I think some of you hit on the big question - does the market care?

So WM runs their test - if it doesn't move the needle in market share - or contribute to them holding steady, they'll be gone from US manufacturing, never to return.

It's really up to the consumer at that point, but there's a marketing element to this as well - WM has to let people know that they are doing....

Also, 250B committ over 10 years. WM revenue in 2015 was 500B... So factor that in. It's not nothing, but it's not like all is being reshored.

For me - in order to run the test, they need to really to a good job of marketing to the consumer to understand if they consumer cares...

job mobility

Nice gesture !I hope it works !

Matt Landrum

Agree with the Marketing sentiments. Whole Foods, e.g., does a great job playing up their social responsibility components. Wal Mart needs to keep touting this program. Maybe there are enough people who will go out of their way to shop there because of this. I'm skeptical, but if nothing else the campaign will help with their image.

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