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By now, you've seen the pictures of Michael Phelps brooding while some South African dude who beat him four years ago was gyrating in front of him like an exotic dancer in Rio.

One of the biggest sporting moments of his life, and Phelps knew what to do. He nourished the rage, the hate and let the anger do the work for him. Phelps

We loved him for it. For all the talk about anyone considering voting for Trump being a xenophobe (way too simple as an explanation, but that's another post), let's be honest about being American:

We love to beat other countries and be the best. And if it includes someone being nasty on the world's biggest stage, we're OK with that.

Lilly King's finger wagging to the reported drugged-up Russian?  We signed off on that as well. More please.

It's the equivalent of swimming becoming pro wrestling, but I'm not criticizing the athletes.  Instead, I have this question:

Who the #### let the cameras in the staging area for us to be voyuers like gleeful, clique-loving teenagers?

Let's be honest - it's the workplace version of cameras in the break room or the bathroom.  Imagine if we had those and had the opportunity to break down that film:

"Did you see the look Beth gave Dawn when she was being so animated by the toaster?  WOW - I can't wait to see them compete at the status meeting at 11am."

The stories related to what we saw in the backroom for both Phelps and King were great. I'm interested in America's reaction to us acting like what we are - THE MOST COMPETITIVE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE IN THE WORLD - and the fact we have no concerns.  I support it, because I like people who complete and don't really care what they do to get up as long as it's legal.  Plus, act like an ass long enough in the workplace and you have to deal with the consequences.

Unless you win.  Then the consequences are limited.

America loves people who compete. We also love winners.  The next Olympics will find the swimmers more guarded in the "ready" or "staging" room, or whatever it's called. At that point, we won't get the goods - seeing competition at its rawest - so we'll have to move the cameras back to the bus or the lobby in the Olympic Village.

God bless America and its natural disposition to want to win.


Matt Landrum

I saw two guys battle it out in Recreational Tennis playoffs last night. Keep in mind this is a 3.0 league. A 2.5 rating means you have figured out which end of the racquet to hold and know how to keep score.

It was intense. There were line calls questioned. There was cursing and gnashing of teeth. I thought for sure one guy was going to hurl his racquet after tanking an easy second serve into the net. It finished 8-7 in a tie break (this is WTT, 8 game sets).

After the game, these guys were as nice and funny and laidback as two guys can be. They laughed, joked, enjoyed an adult beverage, and exchanged business cards.

We love competitors. We hate bad winners/losers, especially when they are on the other team.


The Emperor: [to Luke] Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!

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