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VIDEO: Who To Hire When Your Culture Sucks (Kris Dunn at Cayman Islands #DisruptHR)

Let's face it - most of you don't operate in an environment that can be categorized as a "Best Place to Work"... We like to think all of our cultures are unique for the right reasons, and without question, some of them are.  

But most aren't. I could make the case that culture is actually hyper-local, with micro-cultures that exist around each one of your managers of people actually being more important than attempts to define your corporate culture.

That's why my talk at DisruptHR in the Cayman Islands focused on the following topic - "Who to Hire When Your Culture Sucks".  If you exist in a hard-knock environment that you're trying to change on a day-to-day basis as an HR/Talent Acquisition leader, this talk is for you.

In classic DisruptHR form, it's a small investment of time.  20 slides, 15 seconds apiece, 5 total minutes.  Take a look!  The slides move automatically so you can judge how I dealt with that!

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Who To Hire When Your Culture Sucks | Kris Dunn | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.


Ibrahim Celebi

Dear Kris,

I was Googling to read some articles about workplace culture and found your page. I must admit, I am really happy to click on your page. Watched your video and you are totally right about everything. Btw using Horrible Bosses example on your presentation was a great :).

Finding the right person for an open position and fitting that person to your company culture can be a pain... Currently, we are working on a project which is helping hiring managers to find the right candidate for a position.

First, we work with hiring managers to create a scorecard for their ideal candidate. Then with a few simple steps, we are identifying what skills candidates possess that are in demand by these companies.

There is a test we called "Work Values" in our platform. With the help of that test, companies can understand whether that person fits in their culture or not.

Long story short, we are doing job matching. And if you are interested in, you might take a look at our page.

Thank you for your presentation. You were rocking the audience!

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