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Two boys on a playground
Tryin' to push each other down
See the crowd gather 'round
Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd

I'm Gen-X - a lot of you are Gen-X as well.

The Boomers already know that they're getting old.  Some of Gen X understands this is happening to you/us as well.

Need proof?  I give you this billboard I saw in Vegas when I was there last week (email subscribers click through for the picture if you can't see it):


That's right.  Soul Asylum - a band which represents at least some of the angst and disaffection that Gen X loved to simmer in as youth - IS HAVING A CONCERT AT A DRIVING RANGE.

Let that sink in.  Gen X, we're getting old.

Now, it should be said that TopGolf is the Mercedes of driving ranges, and by the looks of the picture, the venue is probably as good as any in the 3K seating/standing range and down in Vegas.


But one of the bands from Gen X's youth is playing at a driving range.

My advice?  Up your 401k contribution, Gen X managers and HR Pros who read this blog, because the end is near!



KD hits another one out of the park . . . great observation about GenX from this Baby Boomer.

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