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Like a lot of you, I use Uber when I'm on the road.  Like most of you, I like it a lot.

There's a lot to like.  Tech driven, on demand, cars don't smell like pooh.  That's right - #taxipoohcar

But there's a lot of handwringing about the employment practices of Uber.  The drivers don't have enough rights... (rubs hands as part of showing he's thinking deeply..) It's Uber-driver
harder than you think to make money... (more hand wringing) <Insert your employment issue or broader Uber issue here>....(I'll rub my hands to whatever you come up with)

But Uber is still winning.  I tell Uber drivers all the time to get ready for the fact that their customer market is going to move downstream, meaning as it comes to the mass market and more people use it, all the customers aren't going to be as cool as me (tongue in cheek)...

But something interesting has happened as the years go by - the consistency of the Uber driver has never dropped in my eyes.

To me, there's a single reason for that. The Uber drivers are running their own business.  They decide when to work, what areas to work, when to decline trips, etc.  

Not everyone can drive for Uber.  The ones that make it 6 months have the DNA to run their own show.

The ability to run your own show means that you hustle, you're engaged with the rider and generally trying to give them a pleasant experience.

You and me?  We'd love to bring that to our companies, wouldn't we?  

Harder than it looks.  Many people just want a job, and there's nothing wrong with that.

But Uber wins because every driver that makes it does so on their own merits, wit and work ethic - while using the people skills that their parents taught them. 

When you figure out how to bring that to your company, call me - because I'm going to hire you - or invest in you.



Rachel Galindo

Sounds like propaganda. How you ever seen the complain tweets from uber riders? Uber is creating a new generation of cry babies that complain for everything. You don't need to whip the 5 stars whip to make it whoosh, since is constantly buzzing on the drivers ears. I'm sure you are thankful for that.


Hey Rachel -

Not sure what you mean by propaganda - my own experience is what I'm citing here - regardless of any other noise, my post is about all the Uber drivers I've had being top notch - that's it. You're sure I'm thankful for what? I don't understand what you are saying....



I am with you Kris, while we don't love everything about Ubers practices and I hear a lot from the drivers in the many rides I take a week. Howeer I LOVE that Uber is changing the employment/ labor transaction model in some way. So "goal alignment" is at the hear of UBer's model. You want to go there: I want to take you! Best example for me was my driver who worked by LA airport every single morning on his drive to work he had a paid companion. Gold dust!

redefining standards to: Uber set high aspirational standards for the customer experience and crowd-source the tracking of this. We need to bring this into the next generation of performance and are actively working on this at Fuel50. Great discussion starter today Kris - look for my next blog on the uberization of work

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