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On the road this week in Grand Cayman doing a couple of talks.  Here's a slide from a DisruptHR talk I'm doing tonight called "Who to Hire When Your Culture Sucks" (email subscribers click through if you don't see the image):


Because sometimes the problem isn't going to be solved quickly - but you still have to hire.  Makes sense that you find the right type of person who's not only going to survive that freak show of a company you have - but will thrive as well.

KD out.


J. Sasidhar

It is human not to address hard problems but rather accept the problem exists and work around it. Like when the culture sucks whom do you hire?

However at some point in time the hard problem gets solved i.e. how to change company culture in a couple of months and then all of the work arounds can be forgotten.

We are at this point where we can change the personality trait of an individual or the culture of an organization in 6 weeks. May sound crazy but we have started doing that.

Kris I would like you to try it for free. Please connect with me.

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