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It's human nature. We had good luck with something and failed with other solutions.  

Naturally, we're going to go with what we know the next time, right?  Experiencing the excitement of something new is nice, but once we've failed in selecting anything - cars, food, etc - we tend to go with what we know.

It's the same with recruiting.  We've all missed in hiring, right?  Once you've missed, you tend to look for the equivalent of a brand you can trust in the following ways:

1. I know that company does <insert the job> a certain way, I had luck with someone from there and that's what I need. We know how they do accounting or software development and had luck with someone from there. Let's go get another one.  (this is probably the most effective way to shop for talent brands when filling an open position - you know how a company does work in the area of need)

2. I learned what I needed from a behavioral perspective from the last good/bad hire I made   You got into the assessment game and learned what DNA you needed for a person to be successful in that circus you call a company - or you learned that a couple of key behavioral anchors are like kryptonite for you.  Either way, you're trying to find a brand that matches your need - in this case through a minor invasion of privacy called a behavioral assessment.

3. I really like people from Michigan State. Seems like they're more humble than people from Michigan (or whatever your pick is out of the 10,000 versions of this in play in America).  This is one of the weakest plays you can make, rivaled only by hiring friends of an employee that has traditionally done good work for you.

Go ahead and hire that brand as you try to fill that critical position on your team.  Just make sure that the brand in question is real, not imagined.


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