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Should Professionalism Of LinkedIn Photos Matter?

Only if you're concerned about being judged on a daily basis.

I kid - but then again, I don't.

There's an interesting thread going on on LinkedIn now - click here to see the entire conversation.  Basically, it goes like this - female makes it through the probationary period and is hired full time by the company in question.  Company takes a photo and congratulates employee on "making it".  

Of course, at issue is the photo of the female employee.  There's some exposure in the chest area, a pose that seems more model than professional recruiter, etc.  And if you click back and dig into the comments, the boo birds came out.

Take a look - what do you think?  Here's what I think:

1. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming more like Facebook.  If you expect a high degree of professionalism, you're likely to be disappointed.  If you're OK with LinkedIn looking a lot like life, you'll never be disappointed.

2. I'm OK with the pretty people showing they're pretty. Welcome to the world we live in.  More attractive professionals have some advantages that average looking people don't have.

3. If you choose to use the fact you're attractive and use a profile picture that's less than 100% professional, you just have to accept that there will be some haters of that approach.

4. Any time you polarize people with your LinkedIn profile picture, there's pros and cons to the approach. Some people are going to be more interested in you due to your looks.  Others are going to judge you ruthlessly and be critical. Is that good or bad? Depends who your audience is. 

5. There's always going to be more criticism of women rather than men related to how appearance is used to benefit someone professionally. 

Of course, I'm the victim of people hating me just because I have a high level of attractiveness.

I kid. When people hate me, it's usually because they think I'm a jerk. No one's ever been critical of me for my good looks.  But it could happen - and I just need to be prepared for that day.


Matt Landrum

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

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