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A TEST FOR CANDIDATES: Do You Wave/Hustle When I Stop My Car And Let You Cross?

Candidates - always with the game face on related to "fit" with your company and culture.  It's hard to know exactly what you're going to be like when I get you in the company.  I can spend 5 hours with you and still be a bit surprised.

How will you treat others around you?  How will you treat clients? Slow

You say you're selfless, humble and appreciative of those around you.  You're a great guy/gal.

Me? I say the true test is how you treat someone you're under no pressure to treat with respect.  For some, that's why they love to get the view of the receptionist regarding a candidate.  I think most candidates are tuned into that.  I think that's a better way.

If I could wave my magic wand and put a candidate in a free-flowing situation, I would put them at a pedestrian crossing point that doesn't have a stop sign, with a car driver who stops to let my candidate cross.  Think grocery store parking lot or strip mall.  Here's the moment of truth:

Did my candidate A) give a quick wave to say thanks, and/or B) pick up the pace with a couple of jog steps to show they appreciate the favor and show they're reciprocating by hustling across?

No wave and no hustle?  That means deep down inside you're a turd.  You'll treat people like a transaction when you can and it generally won't bite you or us in the ###.  Then you'll show that side of you to someone you didn't know was important, and it's going to kill us.

Wave but no hustle?  Better than nothing.  Meh.

Hustle but no wave?  Better than a wave alone.

I don't want to hear about your childhood at the orphanage or about your mobility issues.

Play the game like a normal person.

Are you normal?  I don't know, but if I could put you in this situation, I could tell without question.


Matt Landrum

OMG, you just hit one of my hot buttons; that and being rude to service personnel.

Lotte Marie

I once saw a fact checking program on Danish TV and they proved that people who do the few hustle steps actually take longer than those who keep the same pace.
So I just wave and SMILE.


I've made it a practice to ask the receptionist about the candidate, but this is another environment to expose true character.


What does is say about me that I saw the title and immediately thought about dancing, THE Wave and THE Hustle? *SMH* at myself! Happy Friday!

Jacki Neal

A company I know has a limo driver employee that picks up all out of town candidates at the airport. Little do they know, but this driver is part of the team interview process. He's had big input in rejecting candidates with good skills because of their manners and the way they treated "the help".


Which also aligns with another Fortune 500 company's practice here in Gurgaon (India). The receptionist is required to fill out a short survey about the candidate and her mannerisms before the interview.


Culture plays a huge part in this also.

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