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HR Tech.  You've basically got two paths.  You can buy Suites of solutions from the same company that cover every element of your HR business and use the same database, making reporting, analytics and other activities simpler.  Or you can go the route of buying a Best in Breed solution, meaning you buy the best damn performance management solution you can, then buy the best recruiting solution, etc.  That generally means you end up with 3 or 4 different solutions as you go, which is problematic.

If you go best in breed, you have to figure out a way to make them talk.  The Best in Breed providers will tell you that open APIs and more make analysis across multiple Best in Breed platforms more achievable than it's ever been.  But let's face it, that's a rough road.

For that reason, a lot of you will choose a single provider offering a suite of solutions.  The downside is that most suite providers are really strong in the area they orginally started in - think performance management - and weaker in the areas they added later.

That means you'll rarely be a raving fan of it all...

In a rare acknowledgement that a suite provider doesn't have to be all things to all people, Halogen Software has figured out they can focus on what they do best, and partner with best in other areas.  Here's some notes from a recent announcement that they're partnering with Jobvite on the Recruiting front:

"Halogen Software (HGN.TO) and Jobvite — today announced that Halogen will integrate and resell the Jobvite Platform with the Halogen TalentSpace ™ suite.  

As part of the strategic partnership, Halogen's customers will benefit from a tight integration between the solutions that creates a streamlined and efficient employee lifecycle process, including Jobvite's comprehensive, analytics-driven recruiting platform.

"Our mission is to help our customers win with talent. To do so, they need to be able to attract and recruit their unfair share of top talent quickly, as well as engage and retain their top performers," says Les Rechan , President and CEO, Halogen Software. "Our partnership with Jobvite supports this mission. Jobvite leads the industry with a comprehensive social and analytics-driven recruiting platform, making them an ideal partner to help us deliver more value than ever to our large customer base."

What's unsaid in this safe PR announcement is something really important. Halogen Software has a suite of solutions in the Talent Management space.  They started with great Performance Management  software, and have built great solutions in compensation, succession planning and more.  

Recruiting? They had that too, but it was one of the later ones to get added.  My take is they evaluated where it was, got customer feedback and said, "you know what? The recruiting solution isn't great.  Let's be grown up enough to admit that and go find a great partner to enhance what we do well."

The result seems to be the partnership with Jobvite.  They're mothballing their own recruiting solution.

I feel like the maturity to understand this and execute it is rare in today’s world.  I think you can trust Halogen more than other suite providers as a result of this move.

Do what you do best.  Acknowledge that you can't be all things to all people.  Find great partners.

Sounds like Halogen is a company people should want to do business with.

Capitalist Disclosure: I have spoken at numerous Halogen events and Halogen is a annual sponsor at one of my other blogs, Fistful of Talent.  That means I know them better than most HR software providers. Here's what I've learned - they are really good people, and when I heard this move, it was consistent with what I know about the company.  You can trust them. 


Charles H Green

Exactly right. And Halogen is reaping the benefits already, by virtue of you writing about them and recommending them.

This echoes something I've been saying for years: you create huge trust if you're willing to recommend a competitor (assuming the recommendation is valid).

In fact, if you REFUSE to ever recommend a competitor, you're basically saying you can't be trusted to give objective advice.

More in the Forbes article,


it is definitely a psychological game. Considering mass manipulation, this can be really success tip for most conditions

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