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Nobody Wins When C-Level Leaders Agree To Dance at Company Events (Windows 95 Version)

I know. You've been brainstorming as a HR leadership team, maybe looking at the results of your latest employee survey.  It said they never see the leaders of the company.

You took that as meaning they wanted to see them.  Potential mistake #1.

You then brainstormed, and came up with the following idea. Potential mistake #2.

You: "We know Bill, Steve and the gang are great guys - we need to make them more accessible."

Your Minions: "How can we do that.  They're so busy..."

You: "I've got it! Let make sure everyone gets to see them at the next all hands meeting. But they need to be a little bit vulnerable, and it would be great if we can make them look cool at the same time."

Your Minions: "Everybody loves to see guys like that dance at weddings.  Let's bring them out for the initial remarks to some rock music, and we'll have them dance a bit. The Stones just released Start Me Up - that would fit the theme!"

You: "Genius!!! They'll be vulnerable and cool at the same time. Book that idea and make it happen.  Get Bill (CEO) to sign off, because if he does it, all the others have to do it"

This conversation happened at Microsoft back in the 90s. The result was a dumpster fire of forced old guy dancing, white man overbite and general harsh discomfort for all parties involved - dancers and audience.

If you can't see the video below, click through for the best :24 seconds of your life. Play it multiple times, and look at each person trying to force what's been requested.

People go to NASCAR events to see the big wreck. I look at product launch presentations for the same reason.

And the next time you want your C-level to look accessible - set up a day of roundtables in a controlled environment - and make sure music is not involved.

Hat tip to PW at Kinetix.... 


Matt Landrum

I think seeing that once is plenty.
2 & 4, guys. 2 & 4.


DA Hooligan

I hope there was drinking involved - before, during, and after. On second thought, it doesn't look like drinking happened before the event, which would have been the time to do it.


That was one of your best posts ever. The look on Bill Gates face is priceless. Forced Fun is never Fun, but it always looks and feels forced.



Only marketing could dupe that many C-level execs to do that. HR doesn't have that level clout.

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