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I'm up over at Fistful of Talent talking about the hard reality - it's mid-March and the bloom is off the 2016 rose, which means your employees are floating from a performance perspective.  Among my less than serious ideas to get them back on track:

1. Calling everyone an Irish name this Thursday (limited impact, could cause employment law issues down the road. “The HR people thought I was Irish. That’s why I didn’t get the same raise as the Italians.”)

2. Run a huge gambling pool around March Madness, pump the money you were planning on spending on free vaccinations into the kitty (borderline illegal unless your company name is DraftKings and people were looking forward to the shingles vaccine—that stuff is painful.)

3. Buy 100 Fitbits, hand them out and tie them into a centralized database (Laugh at the drop off in physical activity in week 4.)

I've actually got some serious ideas as well, so click over to the post for the whole dialog.  And always bet a 13 seed to drop a 4 seed...


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