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RANT.  Get ready.

You're a candidate for a white collar, professional job.  You know the type of job, the one that your mom can indirectly brag on you about.  You're already doing this type of work, so she's already bragging. MW

But it would be cool to do something bigger and better, so here you are.  You're interviewing with me for the better job.  There's more money. Our people are higher end.  Hell, maybe there's even a ping pong table.

You're here. You're good. But to the untrained eye, you're just like every other dude in jeans with a smart jacket that looks like it might have come from Men's Warehouse <ladies - insert the female diss equivalent>.

Of course, you're more than that. But the untrained eye can't tell.

That's why I'm disappointed you didn't come to the interview with a plan or portfolio.  

The PLAN is a higher level thing.  You make some assumptions about the role and our company, and you tell me - with supporting slides/documentation - what you're going to do in your first 90 days.  

The PORTFOLIO is easier to pull off.  It's sample of your work that shows me you can deliver product in a mindful, purposeful way.  

Both are designed to give you something to talk about.  Even if we don't get to it, when you tell me it's a leave behind and I can browse it at my leisure, I'm impressed.

Only 3-4% of candidates do a plan or portfolio without being asked.  Regardless of the candidate's KSAs or experience, the presence of a leave-behind elevates your ranking across any candidates being interviewed.

The Men's Warehouse style-line jacket is good for the interview.  

The Plan/Portfolio? Those are GREAT for the interview.



Leaving a plan/portfolio? You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it!

Mesheal Fegor

Yeah the portfolio is easier to pull off, but a plan will likely impress employers more than a portfolio. Or just submit both if you can.

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