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The Shell Game of Candidate Relocation...(Penn and Teller Edition)

I'm on the record as saying your relocation package (is that what you're still calling it?) isn't enough to get the talent you want. More on that here if you want to read the current state of the relocation economy for candidates.

But just as importantly, candidates take it personally when you get them way down the road and then try to offer relo that will barely cover a DIY U-Haul from that creepy place that also sells boxes and yes, covered shelters for homes without garages.  It's perceived as a shell game that rivals anything Penn and Teller do.

Consider Scott, who hit me with the following note earlier this week:

"I'm a $110,000 professional that is just about to turn down an offer for a "perfect job" because they offered me a $5,000 lump sum for moving (from MS to TX). This is with a 100,000 employee company and you probably know the name. I almost laughed when they made that offer with a straight face. No wonder the job has been open for 14 months. As the article says, "If you aren't offering a relo package with the following three components - Temp Living, a Lump Sum Payment and Physical Move - you're wasting your time trying to relocate professional grade candidates." I couldn't agree more."

If it's a 5K lump sum (is it grossed up? Not grossed up?  Only the shadow knows!), you probably should let candidates know up front.


Matt Landrum

Top Performers would rather spend time working than futzing around with relo details. Make that one less thing they have to worry about when making their decision.


This happened to my husband, only the relo package was $1,500 from Texas to MN. He is also a six figure professional. I told him the same thing, if they are going to offer so little they should at least be upfront about it. Getting all the way to offer stage before mentioning that the best we can do is $1500 tells you a lot about the company you would be working for and their priorities.

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