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I'm up over at Fistful of Talent talking about the trend of corporate L&D departments striking Tuition Aid deals with single universities.  Here's a taste from that post:

I’m on the record as saying there’s no better benefit to put on your brochure than deep support for Tuition Aid.  That’s especially true if you employ a young workforce, many of whom haven’t yet achieved a college degree – retail, call centers, etc, come to mind right?

The reasons Tuition Aid is a smart benefit to add are simple.  Observe: Life-Unboxed-EDU-300x118

1. Employees who haven’t gotten their college degree are attracted to this benefit.

2.  BUT, the benefit is hard to use.  It can mean working full time while you go to school, takes persistence, sacrifice of time and at times impacts your personal life.  It’s easy to like but hard to use, which means that you can offer the benefit with little risk of all who are eligible using it to it’s full potential.

That’s the reality. But there are some big brands who have started to make it even easier to use the benefit by solidifying a single relationship with a university, effectively streamlining distance learning for the employees who work for them.  By creating a single relationship and promoting the ease of use, these companies are changing the commitment level they’re making to Learning and Development.

The latest company to take this approach is Pizza Hut.

Click here to head over to Fistful of Talent to read more about how Pizza Hut is partnering with a single college to add more value (and generate savings for the company and employees alike)

Can Tuition Aid be more of a recruiting advantage for you?  If you employ a workforce that is of college age and looking to get a degree, the answer is absolutely yes.



Tuition aid is a fantastic benefit, and fosters growth within an organization. Not only will it help you recruit young talent but it will help you groom the top level talent of tomorrow. We are starting to see more of this employee benefit in Canada, specifically from the larger companies based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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