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In the National Football League, "Black Monday" is the Monday following the final weekend of the regular season, and the day of choice for NFL teams to fire underperforming coaches and GMs.

With so much money on the line, there are few apologies in the NFL for firing people 1-2 years into their leadership tenure. NFL teams are quick to make employment calls on coaches.  In addition to this reality, the same teams are also increasingly holding General Managers Black mondayaccountable for the state of the franchise.  You can read more about Black Monday in the NFL here.

You know where else Black Monday is increasingly happening during the first week of January?  In a Sales Organization near you.

I count no fewer than five companies I have decent relationships with making big sales organization changes this week - across both sales leadership and account executives.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  The year is done, leadership has a view on what the delivery of the revenue line looks like, and they've probably been thinking about changes during the 4th quarter of the year.

In some cases, the sales professionals impacted knew their fate prior to the holidays, but in many cases, they didn't.  The first week after the holidays comes with change and decision.

Like NFL coaches who have a performance scoreboard for the world to see related to wins and losses, no professional has a clearer scoreboard than the sales pro.

If you're not in sales and you're muddling through performance management or goal setting with your boss or team across the first few weeks of this year, embrace the ambiguity.

For the sales pro, there's little gray.  You say you would love to have things more black and white in your job, but be careful what you ask for.

Black Monday doesn't exist for anyone else in corporate America other than the Sales Pro. 

For the Sales Pros who read me and made their year - Congrats.  Your scoreboard has now zeroed out and you're starting from scratch.  Have a great 2016.


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