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I'm up over at Fistful of Talent talking about the best way to ask your direct reports to rate their own performance.  You should go read that if you've ever thought the following related to performance reviews:

“This #### would be a lot easier if someone would write it for me.”

Which leads to this moment of rationalization:

“I know what to do: I should ask my employees to give me feedback on how THEY think they’re doing.”

Which leads to the following moment of honest reflection:

“Of course, I’m doing that so they’ll write their performance review for me. But what am I? Malcolm ####ing Gladwell?  I’m not a writer.  I need this.”

Turns out, you can sell out and still keep control. That's why I did the post at FOT on 5 things you should do when requesting an employee give you feedback/notes on their own performance. Go read it if you've ever said any of the things above by clicking this link.



Mark Davis

What do you think about this new app Medusa (dare to ask?) that managers are starting to use to get feedback from their teams? Seems better than Survey Monkey, as people can respond to the other's feedback, yet still anonymous? Some HR people think anonymous feedback is not good, as it still avoids the fierce conversation. Thoughts?

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