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Ever read a proposal? Of course you have. 

The suits pretty much run the norms that are expected. To the point where the standards aren't related to legal necessity. They're really related to conformity and being boring as hell.  Don't take chances, don't take risks. Don't stand out.

It's awful. Do people really prefer talking like that?  The people I know don't.

Maybe I don't know enough people.

So that's why I'm trying to spice it up.  Here's what I have in my last proposal for travel costs:

"Travel will be passed through at cost.  We’ll travel somewhere between Lear jet and greyhound, which likely means Southwest, Courtyard by Marriot, two Diet Mt. Dews and a rented Malibu."

If they don't like that, then they probably won't like us.  Just sayin...


Dan Johnson

Cans of Mt Dew or 1 liter bottles?


What!? No Candy Apple Red Charger!?


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