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"Have you every heard of the scorched earth policy?  No?  Look around - everything you see is about to die."

--Bill Parcels

How about that for an uplifting note to go into the weekend with?  That quote is attributed to hall of fame Bill-parcells-hall-fame-2013coach Bill Parcells (professional football) as he talked to a veteran on the Dallas Cowboys shortly after he had become the Cowboys coach years ago.  That story was told on the Russillo and Kanell show on ESPN earlier this week.

It underscores a brutal reality. For new leaders trying to get true cultural change in negative situations, employee turnover is probably necessary. 

We talk a lot about progressive people policies. Engagement. Puppies. Apple Pie.

Sometimes, people just gotta go. Average leaders try to get people on the bus even when they're signaling they think the new bus sucks.

Great leaders in new situations understand they have a small window where the organization will accept harsh change.

Sometimes new leaders have to burn it all down.


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