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LIES IN HR: "We're Looking for People Who Are Great Teammates"

I'm speaking in the ATL tomorrow - specifically Buckhead - at a small breakfast gathering put together by the good folks at Halogen Software.  If you're in Atlanta on Thursday and want to join us, hit this link because I'm sure we can squeeze you in.  It's free, but there's a lot more value than that price tag would suggest.

My preso is about "The 5 Biggest Lies in HR".  I like doing this presentation and it's morphed over time.  Lies in HR happen because we have narratives that emerge that we think are great talking points, but over time, they get stale and a different reality emerges.

One of the lies I'll talk about is, "We're Looking for People Who Are Great Teammates".

That's a lie - if you really dig into the totality of the statement.

Do we want great teammates? Sure we do, but being a great teammate doesn't mean a lot if you're a poor fit behaviorally for the job. What makes this rise to the level of being included in the 5 Biggest Lies of HR?  The fact that when lazy, our profession and the hiring managers will replace ability to thrive behaviorally in the job/team/company with likability.

Likability is cool, but it fades when you can't get stuff done. 

A great example is Rules Orientation.  We'll hire people who can follow the operations manual, but in the freak show that most of our companies are, we actually need more people with low rules orientation so we can wing it and get results.  

Couple of slides from the preso below (email subscribers click through to see slides). Join us last minute if you can!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.21.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.22.02 PM


Annie Craven

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed your slides. You touch on some great key points.

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