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Who am I?  Who cares?  Good questions.  It's my site, so I'm going dig in once in a awhile by telling you more about who I am - via a "Stuff I Like" series.  Nothing too serious, just exploring the micro-niche that resides at the base of all of our lives.  Potshots encouraged in the comments.

Dateline - I'm in Grand Rapids, MI today doing a keynote at the always frisky Michigan Recruiters Conference.  My talk is "The 7 Biggest Lies in Recruiting" where I'll talk about lies we tell as recruiters.  We think they help, but actually they make us look like everyone else.

When everyone around you lies, the market is starving for someone to be transparent enough to tell the truth.  I'm going to break down the biggest lies in our arsenal and how the truth actually helps your brand, and the brand of the company you work for.

So I like talking about lies.  I also like the band Seether.  Random?  Consider this line from one of their biggest hits, "Fake It":

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self-esteem along the way

The chorus has some profanity, so let's move to verse two:

And you should know that the lies won't hide your flaws
No sense in hiding all of yours
You gave up on your dreams along the way

Deep. Stop lying.  

Enough of the Dr. Phil - let's rock.  Seether video below (email subscribers click through for the goodness)...


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