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Who Wants to Recruit HR Pros With Me?

Capitalist Readers - This is a call for anyone with interest and relevant experience recruiting HR pros to consider joining me at Kinetix.  Business is good, and we're seeing an uptick in the number of interesting HR positions we're working on.  In addition, I've had a lifelong goal to build an HR recruiting practice that I would have used in my days as an HR leader, and now seems as good as time as any - but only if I can find some great recruiters to work with me.

What do I need?  I thought you'd never ask.  Here's my list:

1. You have to recruit for a living and be good at it.

2. You have to have some connection with the world of HR and Talent - understanding what makes HR pros and related professions tick.

3. You have to agree that the best recruiters make a lot of calls every day.

4. You need the ability to influence and close candidates and hiring managers alike.

5. Preference given to those who are currently recruiting HR pros as part of their gig.

Sound like you?  Ideally, I want the person to live in Atlanta, but if you don't and you're reading this and think it's perfect for you, make sure you apply.

Compensation - yes.

Fringe benefits - without question. 

Hit me at if this is you.  Open to all levels on this one.  


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