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So - that quote actually came from me.  But it wasn't born out of belligerence or laziness, but out of a call to treat every prospect or customer/candidate interaction as a marketing opportunity.

Background - I set up a call to talk about something really mundane - the titles of the files that we share Mouse-right-click- with our candidates and prospects.  My thought was that we were all over the place related to how we titled things we shared.  As a result of the inconsistency, I thought candidates/prospects would forget where they put the file, who they got it from, etc - meaning the impact of what we shared was less in total than it could have been.

One of the folks on my team had an idea. The end user (for purposes of my direct report in this circumstance was me) could simply retitle the file to whatever they thought was useful. 

I thought that missed the mark. So I tried to explain again why I wanted to do it for them and clean up our rules on what we named files. My direct report, who is great and a high performer, keep coming up with other ways, including the thought that I could right click the file and save it as whatever I wanted as the best idea.

So I did what any manager would do when there was a disconnect and it was obvious my explanations weren't working. I kept it simple and went caveman, saying the following:

"I'm Not Right Clicking On S###" 

It honestly didn't feel bad when it came out and it doesn't feel bad now.  The reason for that? The direct report didn't get what I was saying and I didn't get how to better describe it. I was in a position where I was asking them to do something, they thought the better of it and I tried to do the professional thing and explain why. 

I failed. Sometimes you just have to say "I'm Not Right Clicking On S###". It's probably easier on everyone.

Let your directness flow this week.



Agreed, no one should need to change the title or right click on NADA. A simple index system that ensures consistency should do the trick.

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