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ASK THE CAPITALIST: I've Been a Solo HR Consultant, How Do I Get a Company to Hire Me As an HR Leader?

A reader asks...

KD -

I've been consulting on my own for a period of 15 years.  I'd really like to start working for a company as an HR leader, but I'm having trouble in my search. Lucy  

Feedback I have gotten thus far has "been out of corporate too long, not enough corporate experience, no pedigree, will have difficulty navigating the political landscape of the corporate environment, overqualified, no industry experience, you¹ll leave for your dream job".

Help! Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Attached is the newest version of my resume.

--Debbie From Denver


Hi Debbie -

Without question, you¹ve been on your own a long time.  Couple of
questions -

1. Do you have former clients who would hire you?

2. Will those former clients offer others testimonials that say they would
hire you if only they had the spot/budget?

My experience is that you target smart founders and CEO¹s that are in the
market for your re-entry - that doesn't mean the coordinator
level, it means the type of company that hired a payroll person first
(nothing wrong with that) and know has grown to the point where they need
something more and can pay for it.

The something more is the talent management side + recruiting.  In my
experience, rising companies generally hit that level when they reach
between 100 and 200 employees, so I¹d encourage you to do a cross section
of that and go from there.

Hope that helps - I would focus all my searches on this type of company in

Thanks - KD


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