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Are They Failing or Growing?

There's a difference between failure and growing.  Notes:

1. Failure means that you didn't get it done.  Whether failure means someone is growing or not depends on what comes after that.

2. Failure that's followed by no other attempts on the skill in question means it's failure - forever. 

3. Failure that's followed by other attempts and gradual improvement has a purpose - it's growth, and as long as you can tolerate the path, it's a good thing.

Overall, you'd rather have growth through failure than simple failure.  

Video below (email subscribers click through) is of young blood failing at the 360 on a wakeboard.  Props to him for trying. Is it growth? We'll see - he's got to nail one before we can categorize it as that, right?

Second video is related - "Send the Pain Below" by Chevelle (one of my top 100 songs EVER) with an extreme sports failure theme...


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