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I said Best Practices - that means everyone drinks!

But seriously, let's talk about the way you submit candidates to hiring managers when you have your recruiting/talent acquisition hat on.  

First - are you slinging resumes their way or are you actually doing a true submittal?  Not sure what I'm getting at?  Here's the way we view submittals at Kinetix - it's a write up beyond the resume that looks like this:

--Every submittal looks the same Perception reality

--It is typo free and grammatically correct

--It is not a cut and paste from the resume

--It is engaging and tells the manager why they should interview the candidate

--Tells manager why the candidate left their previous jobs

--Tell manager why the candidate is interested in their opportunity

--Highlights things that are important to the manager (discovered during the intake)

--You can’t love every candidate equally (managers see through that quickly!) so tell them where to probe

--If you use an assessment, the results of that assessment are woven into what you write when you complete a submittal

If you don't do true submittals, you've got some work to do on that before your recruiting services are going to be taken seriously by your management team. Once you have that format going, you should look at the timing of how you actually forward submittals to hiring managers.  

My recommendation?  When possible, always wait and forward at least 3 submittals at a time to the hiring manager - there's a bit of psychology to this.  By forwarding at least 3 candidates at one time, you're telling the hiring manager that the slate of candidates is representative of what exists in the marketplace.  As a result, they're going to be much more likely to make a move to interview and potentially hire someone.

Submitting one candidate at a time?  The hiring manager will automatically think there are candidates out there that you haven't found.  Skip the drip effect and go for shock and awe - submitting at least three candidates at one time.

Optics matter - this is one way you become an internal marketer in HR and Recruiting.


Recruiting Animal

Here's the problem with waiting until you have 3 candidates. You have to put the first one who might be really good on ice until you find number 3.

If the company is in no hurry to see her it makes her feel less important and while you're waiting to find more people she's easy pickings for another recruiter.


Hi animal -

agree with that, but the counter is also true - if you submit her first and she has two rounds - one with you and one with the hiring manager - then the hiring manager wants to wait and compare, our experience is that wait is worse than the first one you describe. I think both views are right, really comes down to your take on the best way to manage candidate expectations -

Thanks - KD

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